OUR LITTLE ATHENS Acts 17 Short Notes Highlights


ACTS 17 (Notes)

Have we lost our Christian mind?

Our little Athens!

Grab your Bible and turn to Acts 17 and hopefully you will enjoy ths short highlighted outline to help you catch some very inportant points to be observed from this chapter.

Acts 17:2-3

3 Sabbath Days!  3 Weeks of reasoning from scripture!

Important Point:

We must give people a clear explanation of the Gospel and that can only be done with reasoning from God’s Word!  Otherwise we must think our words are equal or better!  Yes, use good logic and illustrations with the goal always to be sharing God’s Word.  Make sure people know God’s Word is most important!


Acts 17:11-12

BEREANS, my heroes!  Critical Thinkers!

  • RECEIVED the Word with eagerness!
  • REREAD Word for accuracy daily!
  • READY to receive Biblical Truth ONLY!

Even our favorite Pastor/Teachers must be checked for accuracy according to Holy Scripture.


Acts 17:17

    So he reasoned in the synagogue with the Jews and the devout persons, and in the marketplace every day with those who happened to be there

  • Everyone who happened to be there.
  • Educated crowd.
  • Engaged the crowd with the TRUTH, not with SILENCE!


Acts 17:18-21

    Some of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers also conversed with him. And some said, "What does this babbler wish to say?" Others said, "He seems to be a preacher of foreign divinities"—because he was preaching Jesus and the resurrection.  [19] And they took hold of him and brought him to the Areopagus, saying, "May we know what this new teaching is that you are presenting?  [20] For you bring some strange things to our ears. We wish to know therefore what these things mean."  [21] Now all the Athenians and the foreigners who lived there would spend their time in nothing except telling or hearing something new.


How Paul is perceived:

  • Babbler – What did some hear… Blah, blah, blah.   (13:44-46) 

Transliterated Word: spermologos
Definition: a seed picker, fig. one who picks up scraps of knowledge.

  • Preacher - Definition: a proclaimer.

What was the message;

Jesus and His resurrection!  A straight forward message!  When it say’s Jesus, this is His OT prophecy, the reason for His coming, His holiness or righteousness, propitiation for us (two <-> way) and why they personally need a Savior.

resurrection, the proof of Jesus Deity!

  • New teaching to the educated.


The Message:

  1. Made clear observations of the religious climate!

Acts 17:16 “Paul saw that the city was full of idols”.

Acts 17:17  “Paul reasoned in the synagogue… and in the marketplace!”

This shows Paul’s diversity of communication to different audiences!

Acts 17:17  “Paul reasoned with Jews, devout persons (learned) and those who happened to be there!  (Acts 17:22)

This again shows Paul’s diversity!


You may be saying he was specially trained by instructions of Gamaliel.

(Acts 22:3; 5:33-39) He surpassed those of the same age with himself.

Yes, and Paul put in the hard work of studying and research to be equipped to teach to all!


  1. Made clearly known what TRUE RELIGION is!
  1. God is CREATOR of all! (17:24-26)
  2. God CONTROLS all!  (17:26)
  3. God is CLEAR to all! (17:27) (Romans 1:18-20)
  4. God’s CLOSENESS to all!  (17:27) [Transcendent and Present]
  5. God CARES for all!  (17:28) [Common Grace].
  6. God’s COMMAND to all!  (17:30-31)
  7. God’s COVENANT to those who believe!  (17:31)

  [Repent- Jesus paid it all!]


My Question to you after reading through Acts 17 and highlighting some of the important points…

Has God made His Gospel clear to you?

Do you know Jesus this morning or is He one of many to you?

America is Kinda a modern day Athens with a melting pot of religions!


Jesus said it clearly…


Acts 4:12

    And there is salvation in no one else,

for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved."


 John 14:6

Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life.


no one comes to the father but through Me (Jesus)


Please read are you a BAC for a clear fuller Gospel presentation.